March closing

I am closed from Tues 28th Feb to Thurs 16th March inclusive. Orders placed during this time will be packed after the 16th.

My philosophy of colour testing

I realise I'm a vendor for this glass, and am therefore biased... but I wanted to import Lauscha in the first place so that I could use it myself! I think accurate colour testing, warts and all, is the best way to find out the capabilities and peculiarities of a colour, and in the long run, the best way for me to stand behind my product. I want to be able to show people what you can get out of the glass, and also what you shouldn't try to do with it. No one likes nasty surprises and if you know what you're buying, you're more likely to be happy with it, right?

So my colour tests show my results in full. Including weird reactions, messy colour combos and cracks if there are any. Some colours don't get on well with each other, and I want to identify those as much as I want to identify the colours that make each other pop.

I welcome contributions from anyone else! Colour testing never ends.

(But do make sure you've checked the annealing schedule if anything odd happens).