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Citrine SNT 060

Citrine SNT 060.

Lauscha citrine is a transparent amber. Like other amber glass, it is reactive with silver.

Here are plain and etched spacers, plus a white round encased in citrine. (I let the core get too hot when encasing, so it smeared. Bad beadmaker, no bikkit!)

I made citrine and iris gold frit stringer for the two new beads here, used it to make the core and then encased. The bead in the middle was encased with 101 soft clear. The bead on the left was encased with 100 clear and was from a very thin section of the stringer, so the wraps were tiny and much closer together. I've caught a lot of bubbles in that one.

A citrine cone with silver leaf, then citrine with silver leaf, reduced and encased in soft clear 101 and crunched. You can see the reaction and extra sheen as a result of adding the silver.

Citrine with psyche scrolls. You can see the reaction around the edges with the silver glass.

Citrine and copper green. I like the citrine over copper green half of this a lot - the copper green under the citrine stringer shows up a warm colour, almost pink in places, and the stringer is outlined. The copper green got a lot of metallic schmutz - the photo's after a quick soak in cillit bang to remove some of it.

Citrine and stoneground, citrine and white. Not much to report.

Citrine and tuxedo. (Why? I knew it wouldn't show up over black, but made the second half of the bead anyway!) Tuxedo fuzzed around the edges when used as stringer on the citrine.
Citrine and ivory - the ivory stringer spread a lot, and the citrine stringer sank in. The ivory has curdled slightly around the citrine.

This pair really caught the light - in poorer lighting the blues and greens don't show up so well. The thin bead is a citrine core with terranova 2 frit around the middle, and the iris gold frit stringer on the ends. The round is a white core with citrine stringer (the dark part at one side was the end of the iris gold frit stringer) and terranova 2 frit.