Birds of Paradise

A little something I'm working on - I'm trying to make beads with birds of paradise on them. Why did I choose birds of paradise? Because they have beautiful bright plumage, there are a whole range of species, and they're a handy jumping-off point for going entirely fantastical!

It's trial and error at the moment - when I get something I like, I can't necessarily duplicate that next time! I'm still working out what to do for the backgrounds vs different body colours, as you want them to show up but not steal focus.

Here's what I have so far from first to most recent. The style's a bit all over the place!

22.10.11_birdsofparadise 23.10.11_BirdofParadise_v3 30.10.11_BirdofParadise_v4 03.11.11_birdofparadise_v5 06.11.11_birdofparadise_v6_2 01.12.11_birdofparadise_v7 02.12.11_birdofparadise_v8

They're a work in progress :)