Artisan glass lampwork beads made by me in my London studio. Annealed in a digitally-controlled kiln for durability, cleaned and checked for quality. Also buying from Etsy? You only have to pay shipping once.
Blue and white jellyfish on redHKG-JELLY-029Blue and white jellyfish on red£45.00
Blue green jellyfishHKG-JELLY-007Blue green jellyfish£35.00
Blue jellyfish on sunsetHKG-JELLY-030Blue jellyfish on sunset£50.00
Brown and cream jellyfishHKG-JELLY-026Brown and cream jellyfish£45.00
Caramel jellyfishHKG-JELLY-005Caramel jellyfish£35.00
Cream and purple jellyfishHKG-JELLY-013Cream and purple jellyfish£35.00
Cream and purple jellyfish on greenHKG-JELLY-034Cream and purple jellyfish on green£50.00
Ghostly purple jellyfish on green and yellowHKG-JELLY-025Ghostly purple jellyfish on green and yellow£35.00
Green and yellow jellyfishHKG-JELLY-003Green and yellow jellyfish£35.00
Green gold jellyfishHKG-JELLY-010Green gold jellyfish£35.00
Ice blue jellyfishHKG-JELLY-012Ice blue jellyfish£50.00
Leaf Peeping BHB trioHKG-1109024-BHLeaf Peeping BHB trio£15.00
Misty cream and purple jellyfishHKG-JELLY-011Misty cream and purple jellyfish£50.00
Mystic Zing lentil and spacers setHKG-1109003-SMystic Zing lentil and spacers set£20.00
Peach and white veiled jellyfishHKG-JELLY-014Peach and white veiled jellyfish£45.00
Pink and yellow jellyfish on blueHKG-JELLY-031Pink and yellow jellyfish on blue£50.00
Pink jellyfishHKG-JELLY-006Pink jellyfish£35.00
Purple cream jellyfish on aquaHKG-JELLY-033Purple cream jellyfish on aqua£50.00
Red and green jellyfishHKG-JELLY-023Red and green jellyfish£50.00
Rust red jellyfishHKG-JELLY-008Rust red jellyfish£35.00