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Checkout has just broken - you can view your order and get a shipping quote, but if you click Review Order you'll be taken to a nonexistent page. I have been meaning to do a full overhaul of this website for a while, and this is as good a reason as any to get on with it. The site may be down for a while when I do that.

In the meantime, I can send Paypal invoices if you email with what you wanted to buy, in what quantity, and your shipping address.


Artisan glass lampwork beads made by me in my London studio. Annealed in a digitally-controlled kiln for durability, cleaned and checked for quality. Also buying from Etsy? You only have to pay shipping once.
Blue and white jellyfish on redHKG-JELLY-029Blue and white jellyfish on red£45.00
Blue green jellyfishHKG-JELLY-007Blue green jellyfish£35.00
Blue jellyfish on sunsetHKG-JELLY-030Blue jellyfish on sunset£50.00
Brown and cream jellyfishHKG-JELLY-026Brown and cream jellyfish£45.00
Caramel jellyfishHKG-JELLY-005Caramel jellyfish£35.00
Cream and purple jellyfishHKG-JELLY-013Cream and purple jellyfish£35.00
Cream and purple jellyfish on greenHKG-JELLY-034Cream and purple jellyfish on green£50.00
Ghostly purple jellyfish on green and yellowHKG-JELLY-025Ghostly purple jellyfish on green and yellow£35.00
Green and yellow jellyfishHKG-JELLY-003Green and yellow jellyfish£35.00
Green gold jellyfishHKG-JELLY-010Green gold jellyfish£35.00
Ice blue jellyfishHKG-JELLY-012Ice blue jellyfish£50.00
Leaf Peeping BHB trioHKG-1109024-BHLeaf Peeping BHB trio£15.00
Misty cream and purple jellyfishHKG-JELLY-011Misty cream and purple jellyfish£50.00
Mystic Zing lentil and spacers setHKG-1109003-SMystic Zing lentil and spacers set£20.00
Peach and white veiled jellyfishHKG-JELLY-014Peach and white veiled jellyfish£45.00
Pink and yellow jellyfish on blueHKG-JELLY-031Pink and yellow jellyfish on blue£50.00
Pink jellyfishHKG-JELLY-006Pink jellyfish£35.00
Purple cream jellyfish on aquaHKG-JELLY-033Purple cream jellyfish on aqua£50.00
Red and green jellyfishHKG-JELLY-023Red and green jellyfish£50.00
Rust red jellyfishHKG-JELLY-008Rust red jellyfish£35.00